January 25, 2022: I am riding the 2022 Pan-Mass Challenge in support of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's mission to find a cure. All donations go to this important cause. Consider making a donation to my ride here:

Note: There is a certain amount of profanity on this blog.

May 2, 2020: This is largely an endeavor to stay off social media as much as possible. In the spring of 2020 so far, I’ve spent a truly unpleasant amount of time on Twitter, though I guess it’s mostly in the service of trying to draw attention to an important cause. Still, it’s having an impact on my ability to think and my capacity for framing my arguments–I’d say even articulating my thoughts. I’m dropping out of that a bit. Not entirely, but enough to spend some in a different space where the noise of notifications and volume of outrage is all a little quieter, where I can still explore thoughts publicly.

It’s been years since I kept a blog, so we’ll see how this goes, and the direction the content takes. Please note everything I say here and on Twitter is a reflection of my own views, not those of my employer. While I do my best to not use the name of my employer on here, and I often avoid using my own full name because it links me to my current and former jobs, I acknowledge it is easily possible to discern who I am and where I work. Context collapse, my loves.